Gemstones & Materials

We Believe Real Results come from Real Products 

We do our utmost to ensure you won't find these frauds in our jewelry:

  • Dyed Stones
  • Fake Gemstones
  • Latex 

We are committed to creating jewelry of energetic quality so you can "feel" the difference:

  • We source gemstones from reputable, reliable dealers.  We will provide country of origin when possible! 
  • We use unwaxed lava beads.
  • We are continually looking for the "best of the best" stretchy cord. Latex free of course. ;-) 
  • We carefully hand-tie, check, double and triple check our knots.  Then we add a drop of glue to them. 
  • Generally we use base metal beads and charms. This means that sometimes there is normal wear and tear on the finish, but it also makes the bracelets more affordable. 
  • All our jewelry has 100% repair warranty.  If it breaks for any reason at all, ship it back to us and we will fix it!