Zikkaron Stones

Original Hebrew Word: זִכְרוֹן
Transliteration: zikkaron
Definition: memorial, remembrance

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Love from Clients

My name is Grace and I collect rocks. Not just any rock can go into my treasure pile. It has to be unique and have meaning or a memory tied to it.

I have had this dream of owning all of the gemstones that the priest wore on a breast-piece in the Old Testament. If God liked these rocks then they must be in my collection!

I was a little excited when Kayla Howard had a bracelet with all of these gemstones together and made it so easy for me to get. 
Thank you “Zikkaron Stones” for a beautiful piece. I love it!

Grace Schlabach

This bracelet is so pretty and I have worn it every day since receiving it. All the bracelets I have purchase are good quality and affordable. They also look great worn together. I love that a new design is presented each month and has a them with a Biblical emphasis. Looking forward to March's bracelet!

Beverly Smith

This bracelet! It is so lovely. It was my Valentine's gift to myself lol. I told my husband I had him covered. 😂♥️ I've been wearing this bracelet daily and using the jasmine oil on it (that's not included). I'm drawn to anything about TRUE love! I've truly sensed a difference when I wear this bracelet - a feeling of calm and definitely of love.

Kim Bloomer

Why "Zikkaron"?